The automatic backend interlock solution, CLOPi

CLOPi is a backend development solution that does not require server, DB, or coding.
Anyone can quickly and easily create their own back-end service with just a click.

About CLOPi

CLOPi is an online toolkit, which allows you to easily develop backend without installing servers and programs.

Total Generated Projects


Average API, Number of Calls


Average API Reaction Time

0.25 sec

Average Development Period

2 months

Features of CLOPi

Check out the features of CLOPi.

Non-Installation Server
CLOPI is available through dashboards without additional server purchase and installation
Click and Develop
CLOPI can easily develop backend with just a click without coding.
24-hour technical support
CLOPI monitors its services 24 hours a day to address problems.
Powerful Dashboard

The dashboard in CLOPI makes it easy to monitor DB, Server API, API Document, and Debug Log.

Easily collecting
Statistical & Log data

CLOPI collects the traffic generated and reprocesses the country of access, connection device, connection volume, and error information to provide the customer with UI easily.

CLOPi Provides...

CLOPI provides easy-to-use dashboards, statistics and log data, API Docs, as well as infrastructure delivery.

  •   Easy-to-make APIs

    CLOPI can easily create DB/API by clicking without coding

  •   Providing Statistics and Logs

    CLOPI provides generated log data and statistical data that can be used for marketing

  •   Anyone can be an Expert!

    CLOPI can be easily developed and used by anyone without a professional developer

  •   Identifying Problems

    CLOPI identifies problems that occur and automatically manages the issue (slack, Jandi Bot interlocked)